Dr Angela Bernardo

Angela Bernardo – Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, Department of History Anthropology Religions Art Performing Arts

Angela Bernardo is assistant professor (RTD-B) in History of Religions and Marie Curie fellow at Sapienza University of Rome. She holds a degree in Political Science from Sapienza University of Rome, a Ph.D. in History of Europe, and is a professional civil mediator. From 2014 to 2020 she was research fellow in History of Religions at the Dept. of History Anthropology Religions Art Performing Arts (former Dept. of History Cultures Religions) of Sapienza University of Rome, with a focus on religions and public space in Europe, religious pluralism, and mediation. The latest book she published is the
2020 volume “Ricostruire una comunità. La Chiesa copta ortodossa in Europa (in Italian). Since 2012-2013 she has coordinated the higher education sector and placement/internship services of the Master in “Digital Heritage: Cultural Communication Through Digital Technologies” and of the Master in “Religions and Cultural Mediation” of Sapienza University of Rome, of whose scientific board she is a member. In 2015, she edited, with Alessandro Saggioro, the Italian translation of the Toledo Guiding Principles on Teaching about Religions and Beliefs in Public Schools – OSCE/ODIHR. From 2017 to 2020 she was project manager of the 2015 ERC ‘PAThs’ project directed by Paola Buzi. Angela Bernardo is also co-chair of the Program Unit “Religion and Public Schools: International Perspectives” (RPS) and member of the Program Unit “Religion in Europe” (RiE) of the American Academy of Religion (AAR).